Agricultural transport vehicles have developed earlier and faster


Agricultural transport vehicles have developed earlier […]

Agricultural transport vehicles have developed earlier and faster. The agricultural transport vehicles currently produced mainly include three-wheel transport vehicles, four-wheel transport vehicles, crawler transport vehicles and light agricultural vehicles. Among them, crawler-type transport vehicles account for a considerable proportion, mainly because there are more rural paddy fields, and crawler-type transport vehicles can be used for soft ground operations, and can also be used for timber transportation in forest areas, transportation of agricultural water conservancy projects and construction materials, etc. More, there are dozens of product models.
At present, the production volume is small and the variety is small. It is mainly used for short-distance transportation of feed, fertilizer, fruits, flowers and food boxes, etc. It is more flexible, convenient and practical.

There are many manufacturers, and there are dozens of product models. The grounding pressure is small, and it can be driven on paddy fields, slopes, wetlands, forests and other roads. The series also has a track transporter with a hydraulic lifting bracket that lifts the container and then unloads it for easy stacking. In addition, it can be converted into a spreader or rice harvester site by a crawler truck.

Mainly used for high-level operations in orchards and greenhouses. By lifting the hydraulic cylinder and the work surface of the bracket, people can perform pruning, picking and packing on the top.

It is mainly used for loading and unloading and transporting timber in forest areas, and can be used on rough roads and slopes. For loading and unloading trees, the car is equipped with a winch and a boom. The winch drags the trees to the side of the car through the wire rope, and then lifts the trees to the deck surface with the boom.

The crawler transporter is a large crawler transporter used mainly for farmland construction, water conservancy projects and loading and unloading and transportation operations at construction sites.