All-terrain vehicles are more complex and powerful than off-road vehicles


All-terrain vehicles are more complex and powerful than […]

All-terrain vehicles are more complex and powerful than off-road vehicles. For example, ordinary off-road vehicles can't drive in the snow because they are slippery, not to mention in muddy marshes. It can travel through the snow, in the desert and in the muddy ditch. Such ATVs are highly favored by Army forces, especially at the border forces.

The advantages of all-terrain vehicles, in addition to being able to adapt to various terrains, are also equipped as military equipment, and there are many advantages associated with military activities. First of all, this ATV is very sturdy and has a certain ability to cope with violent impacts and even some mine attacks during driving. Secondly, due to the careful design, the space utilization rate of the ATV is quite large, and it can be loaded with soldiers and can also load weapons and other materials. Some ATVs also have a machine gun device that also has the ability to attack. More and more powerful The all-terrain vehicle with better and better performance is undoubtedly the effective equipment of the Marine Corps and a good assistant to the PLA.

In 1893, the first ATV was introduced based on bicycle design. More often, it is used on the road as a “carriage-free” that does not require horses to pull. In the 1980s, with the introduction of the damping system, ATV began to enter the public's field of vision as an “all-terrain vehicle”. Its ability to ride on any terrain makes it quickly popular among North American hunters, and major brands are also launching their own models. ATV sales are rocket-like.