All-terrain vehicles usually referred to as vehicles that can theoretically travel


All-terrain vehicles, usually referred to as vehicles t […]

All-terrain vehicles, usually referred to as vehicles that can theoretically travel on any terrain, can easily travel through swamps, snow, mountains, ponds, streams and other harsh terrain. This kind of car is used earlier in the military field abroad, such as high-powered ATVs, low-profile military assault vehicles, etc. It is light in weight, high in horsepower, good in suspension and tire adaptability, and special forces and mountains in many countries. The troops are equipped with such vehicles for assault operations or patrol investigations. Unlike foreign ATVs, all-terrain assault vehicles.

For drones that are specifically responsible for investigating strikes on the sky, unmanned terrain vehicles are not as tall as they are responsible for the 'technical' nature of technical difficulties. In this way, the infantry squad can liberate both hands and ensure that they are in the best combat state at any time. The load and equipment can be handed over to the unmanned vehicle, and the weapons and ammunition that can be carried at any time when going to the combat area are undoubtedly greatly enhanced. The overall combat capability of the class.

However, the research on unmanned vehicles is not so simple. After all, the situation of the sky and the ground is completely different, and the intelligence of sensors and unmanned devices is more demanding. It is estimated that everyone remembers the once-famous ''big dog'' robot, which was once conceived to help the US military transport materials, but it is still too difficult to make the machine simulate the four-legged walking of animals, and the maintenance is complicated. As a mature traffic vehicle, ATVs are relatively simple to implement unmanned operation.
During off-road, tire pressure is the key to affecting the maneuverability of all-terrain vehicles. If the tire pressure is too large, the vehicle is difficult to drive on a road surface with less friction; if the tire pressure is too small, the wheel is easily damaged by ground obstacles. Looking for the best value for the tire pressure alone, they drove the test car back and forth, and the replaced tires were filled with two warehouses. Data measurement is another difficulty that needs to be broken. In actual driving, the team technicians found that the gearbox bearings were extremely easy to damage because the impact of the off-road surface on the car body was much greater than the design parameters.
"Bobcat" ATV