An all-terrain vehicle a type of light off-road vehicle


An all-terrain vehicle, a type of light off-road vehicl […]

An all-terrain vehicle, a type of light off-road vehicle. This type of military vehicle has a simple structure and is welded by a steel frame as a whole, usually without a door or a window. There are multiple seats in the car for soldiers to ride. There are helicopter-specific hooks on all sides of the body that can be mounted on the helicopter's consignment rope and transported directly by helicopter. Because of the light weight, many military structures are eliminated. Therefore, the car is unobstructed and convenient to drive in most terrains. But it also has one of the biggest drawbacks. The downside is that ATVs have almost no protection. The soldiers encountered enemy bullets and basically finished playing.

Therefore, it is really confusing what the ATVs on the battlefield can do. Among the US troops, there is an ATV called A-GMV1.1. The ATV has a total weight of two tons and can transport nine crew members. The itinerary is 400 kilometers and can be directly transported by the US military. In fact, although the settings of the door and bulletproof facilities have been abandoned, the internal space of the A-GMV1.1 all-terrain vehicle has increased greatly, and the number of occupants can be increased. This is especially important for units with high mobility requirements.

While reducing weight, it can be hauled by a helicopter. In the helicopter, you can take an assault squad occupant or a special soldier. When the helicopter arrives above the designated mission, the occupant can be placed first and then the ATV.