An all-terrain vehicle is a vehicle that can theoretically travel on any terrain


An all-terrain vehicle is a vehicle that can theoretica […]

An all-terrain vehicle is a vehicle that can theoretically travel on any terrain. Because the all-terrain vehicle can walk freely on the terrain that is difficult for ordinary vehicles to pass through, it can easily cross the harsh terrain such as swamps, snow, mountains, ponds, streams, etc. The military potential has been recognized by the military of more and more countries, and is widely used in special forces assault operations and execution of border patrol missions. Today we will introduce the "Bobcat" all-terrain vehicle developed by China.

The "Bobcat" all-terrain vehicle is a small, all-terrain assault vehicle that is light and flexible and has a strong off-road capability. It is similar in size to a mini-car. The power unit is a diesel engine. The model is a closed boat. It has the ability to float and use the propeller behind the car during the flight. This ATV has a maximum capacity of six people and has several shelves. The maximum load capacity can reach one ton, enough to carry a class of combat materials.

The all-terrain vehicle looks like eight wheels holding up a hull, and the roof, mid-rise and rear reinforced beams outline the overall contour of the vehicle, including the diamond-shaped front of the integrated fuel tank, and the thick tail design. Responding to each other, coupled with the circular lights of the two wings, the overall style looks very capable, with the characteristics of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.