As the main bearer of transportation activities


As the main bearer of transportation activities, transp […]

As the main bearer of transportation activities, transport vehicles are of great significance to transportation work. We should always pay attention to the safety inspection of the transport vehicles to ensure the safety of the performance of the vehicles, so as to ensure the smooth development of the transport work. We should carry out safety inspections on the vehicles from the following aspects: 1. Safety inspection of the connecting parts; 2. Inspection of the quality of the oil; 3. Inspection of the height of the oil; 4. Inspection of the body and lighting fixtures; 5. Appearance of the tyres And air pressure check.

The normality of the vehicle connection is one of the important factors related to driving safety. If the connector is abnormal, it will cause abnormal operation of the steering, braking and transmission components, which will seriously threaten the safety of driving. Therefore, the inspection of the vehicle connecting parts must not be ignored.

Not only that, but when checking the safety of the vehicle, we should also pay attention to the various hose joints around the engine and the plugs of the electrical equipment. It is necessary to check whether these parts are firm. If looseness is found, it should be immediately Perform maintenance to prevent air leakage and leakage caused by parts that are scratched by other parts during driving.