At present with the rapid development of industrial machinery


At present, with the rapid development of industrial ma […]

At present, with the rapid development of industrial machinery, the speed of updating the track is also accelerating. There are two types of existing tracks: one is a conventional hard metal chain material track, and the other is a rubber track. Military and engineering special vehicles use the first type of crawler belt. Although they can touch the ground in a large area, they have a significant drop in suspension and suspension performance.

The fuel consumption is generally large. Generally, cast steel materials are used, which are brittle and have poor elasticity. It is prone to breakage, large consumables, and will cause serious damage to the road surface. It is only suitable for use in the field and on the construction site.

The rubber track has low noise, low vibration and comfortable ride. It is suitable for occasions with high altitude transfer, but the rubber track is prone to mud and snow. The ability to grasp the ability, driving performance, in-situ cornering performance and poor wear resistance of the pattern, and the rubber crawler is rotated by the driving wheel and the tensioning wheel, the circumferential stretch of the crawler becomes larger, and the pattern is increased. The elongation stress will cause a pattern crack during use, which seriously affects the service life of the track.