ATV can travel on any terrain and it can walk freely on terrain


ATV can travel on any terrain, and it can walk freely o […]

ATV can travel on any terrain, and it can walk freely on terrain where ordinary vehicles are difficult to maneuver. The vehicle is simple and practical, has good off-road performance, and generally has no awning. In fact, it is difficult for us to express it in simple Chinese names; according to its appearance, it is barely translated into [all terrain four-wheeled off-road locomotive]. Domestically, it has been called [ATV], which is wrong. On soft sand, ATV's wide tires increase the contact area with the ground to produce greater friction. With the unique tread pattern, the tires are not easy to slip and slip, and they are easy to drive on the sand. Therefore, the misunderstanding is called [ATV] . Good-quality, high-performance ATVs can not only drive beaches; riverbeds, forest roads, streams, and even worse deserts can be easily overcome. Carrying people or transporting items makes ATV's functions to the fullest ... it is a versatile tool. So please do n’t call it "ATV" anymore. It is an excellent means of transportation and one of the great inventions of mankind. It's just limited by the local environment, otherwise it will be one of people's best companions, let's call it ATV!

It was sold in the US market in the late 1960s. Just started for off-road racing games, and gradually became widely used for racing cars, practicality, family leisure and so on. Since the 1980s, various manufacturers have participated and invested in prototypes for various purposes. The result was a pandemic in the US market in 1985-87. At the same time, the prototype was changed from three to four. With the increase of four-wheel vehicles, four-wheel-drive prototypes that have never been manufactured have also begun to develop ... and the need for practicality has also expanded significantly. The market is continuing from North America, Europe, and Oceania to the world.