Can ATV be on the road


Why can ATVs be listed on the road? To solve this probl […]

Why can ATVs be listed on the road? To solve this problem, we must first understand the road traffic management regulations in the player's

area. Although at present, ATVs are not classified as motor vehicles in China, they cannot be listed in most first-tier cities. However, this is

only a large management framework. In actual implementation, each region has its own practical considerations and can flexibly change and manage

ATVs. In many second-tier cities or districts and counties, ATVs can be used as two-wheeled motorcycles with local license plates or electric

vehicle license plates, but they cannot be driven outside the region. Therefore, players need to go to the local traffic management department

to learn more about the regulations in this area. If they cannot be listed on the road in their place of residence, they can consult with

friends or relatives in the area and store and use them where they can be listed, which can save a lot of costs.