Compared with ordinary vehicles


Compared with ordinary vehicles, transport vehicles hav […]

Compared with ordinary vehicles, transport vehicles have the characteristics of large bearing capacity, long running mileage, and high requirements for driver's driving ability, which results in the phenomenon that transport vehicles are more susceptible to damage than ordinary vehicles. In the face of the maintenance and maintenance of transport vehicles, we should start from the daily work, repair and maintenance of transport vehicles, early detection, early resolution, to avoid accumulation of more, resulting in irreparable accidents.

As an important daily transportation vehicle, transport vehicles the vehicle should not only be used according to the regulations, but also pay attention to the regular maintenance and maintenance of the vehicle, so as to ensure the safety and long-term use of the vehicle. As the weight of the transport vehicle is increased, the maintenance and maintenance of the vehicle is more important to the transport vehicle. The safety inspection, cleaning and maintenance and replenishment of transport vehicles are routine tasks that drivers must do. If they are slightly careless, they will endanger the safety of the vehicles and pose a serious threat to the safety of personnel and goods. Therefore, the transport vehicles must not be neglected. Repair and maintenance.

The track shuttle robot cluster management system is a smart city underground space integrated management system designed and developed by the Suide Group. System applications include air ducts, rail transit, bridge tunnels, underground pipe corridors, high-risk sites, deep water operations, nuclear power, substations, border patrols, etc. The Jude Group Orbiting Shuttle Robot Cluster Management System is referred to as the USR system.

The main structure of the system includes: shuttle track running through the city space, network communication system, rail-mounted or ground-track special inspection vehicle, ground maintenance charging dock, large database cloud computing center, system control software, dispatch control command center, etc. .