Does rubber track block mainly used to fix the chain with screws


The robot tracks block is divided into natural rubber, […]

The robot tracks block is divided into natural rubber, EPDM rubber, rubber, silicone rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, neoprene with silicone (half), tendon rubber (beige red), natural rubber (black and white) and other materials. Made of metal fixed plate. The rubber track block is mainly used for the plastic extrusion auxiliary machine (traction machine) of profiles, pipes, sheaths and other products. The abbreviation of the track rubber block is: mainly used to fix the chain with screws. The chain rotates with the drive sprocket and traction The rubber block also drives the product along with the chain to achieve the purpose of pulling the product.

Rubber track with wide range size
Steel track shoes can be divided into: excavator plates and bulldozer plates. These two are commonly used, using section steel as raw materials. Then there is the wet floor used by bulldozers, commonly known as "triangular plates", which are cast plates. Now a large number of cast slabs are used on crawler cranes. The weight of this slab is as small as tens of kilograms, and as many as hundreds of kilograms. The SC1OOOO crawler crane plate of Sany Heavy Industry at the 2008 Shanghai Bauma Exhibition, Up to 800 kilograms, this is currently the heavy track shoe in China.

The whole machine shuttles on the construction site all day long. Of course, the road it travels is rough and uneven. As the part of the whole machine and the ground, wear and corrosion are very common problems. Then the use of high-quality crawler shoes can greatly improve the whole machine. The speed of travel and the occurrence of failures facilitated the construction, and the inferior track shoes were damaged after a short period of time, which not only delayed the work, but also wasted the energy, time and money of the owner. The excavator track consists of chain track sections, chain track sleeves, track pins, track shoes and track shoe bolts. The market price of a pair of crawlers ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan. The service life of the crawlers is not only related to manufacturing, but mainly related to the operation and use of the driver. Correct operation will affect the service life of the crawler and the construction cost.

If the track is too tight, the walking speed and walking power will decrease. This will not only reduce work efficiency, but also cause abnormal wear due to excessive force applied to the pin and liner. The track is adjusted too loosely: the track is placed on the driving wheel and the supporting sprocket, causing greater wear or damage. Moreover, when the loose track sags too much, it may be connected to the frame and damage the frame. In this way, even if it is a reinforced lower walking body, if it is not done correctly, unexpected failures will occur. How should the crawler shoe manufacturer assemble the crawler after it falls off? 1. Rotate the live pin joint of the chain to the middle height of the two ends of the chain and knock it out. At this time, the track shoe is laid flat in a straight line. 2. Use an iron rod to place it under the track shoe, support the excavator and rotate the track. At the same time, a person must be dispatched to control the mechanical walking in the cab, lift the crawler while rotating the crawler to move forward, pass the supporting roller above the crawler, walk to the position of the guide wheel, connect the two ends of the crawler, and assemble the live pin shaft.