Does the amphibious vehicle have its own market?


In the military field, amphibious vehicles are used to […]

In the military field, amphibious vehicles are used to seize islands and land. When crossing rivers and water networks, they are rare water weapons, and they are extremely widely used, models and systems. So in the civilian field, does the amphibious vehicle have its own market?

The amphibious vehicle, as the name implies, can run on the water or on the road. It is not a hovercraft, but a car. It is a more realistic traffic artifact than a flying car. An amphibious vehicle can be used as a private car, especially when it comes to lakes or rivers, Amphibious Vehicle Manufacturers without the need to carry complicated and bulky equipment such as ships, rubber boats, etc., it can be completed in one car, which is both affordable and convenient. Of course, according to past experience, The price is definitely millions, but what if it drops...

In fact, it is domestically produced, and it is BAIC. BAIC’s impression is that it is a jeep product. The strong military style has attracted the attention of many tough guys. Of course, the specific performance needs to be improved according to the editor’s understanding. If it is specific, it is the domestic car. Common problem, engine failure, poor configuration. But there are also advantages, modular integrated structure design, superior mobility, and reliable safety. Of course, ordinary people make this, except those who know it can show off, it is difficult to get the recognition of people around you, the same money can buy a luxury car and buy a Jeep, but it is not going to war, so it is not worth the loss, so the main thing is to travel. The industry is a tool for attracting customers. There are only a handful of people who have actually made amphibious vehicles. It should be a good market. Haha, this is not my consideration, I am just interested...