From the perspective of urban road conditions


From the perspective of urban road conditions. The craw […]

From the perspective of urban road conditions. The crawler-type armored vehicle has no requirements on the road surface and can be driven on any road surface, but its track has a great destructive force on the road surface. The heavier the vehicle, the greater the destructive power. Urban pavement is generally divided into asphalt pavement and cement (concrete) pavement. In order to better reduce the noise of urban roads, the general cities are mainly asphalt roads. The pavement thickness of the asphalt pavement is about 10 to 15 centimeters. In special occasions, the thickness of the pavement may increase as appropriate. According to the provisions of China's "Highway Law", crawler vehicles and other equipment that may damage the roads are not allowed to drive on the roads. If it is necessary to drive, effective protective measures must be taken.

For countries with a military parade tradition, military parades, such as the grand and political and commemorative events organized at the national level, are generally held in fixed, symbolic places, such as the Champs Elysées in Paris. Red Square in Moscow, Chang'an Street in Beijing, etc. Relatively speaking, the pavement of these fixed places generally takes into account the special needs of military parade in the process of design, construction and maintenance. The national military parade is a very large system engineering, and it is also a very important part of the ability to withstand the military parade, technical testing, and quality assessment.

Secondly, from the driving characteristics of heavy tracked armor. The track of the tank is divided into two types: metal crawler and rubber crawler. The metal crawler is driving on the road, just like wearing a spiked shoe on the road. It usually has a great destructive effect on the road surface. Especially when the tank is turning, it can even tear up the asphalt road. Therefore, the metal crawler is generally prohibited from driving on the road. . Even for relatively solid cement roads, heavy tracked vehicles are not allowed to go on the road in order to ensure the quality of the road.