How about the thickened rubber tire base used in the crawler track of the crawler truck?


With the increase in labor costs, many transportation p […]

With the increase in labor costs, many transportation projects in mountainous areas, hills, paddy fields, etc. are gradually being replaced by mechanization. Tracked vehicles, also known as creepers, came into being. Not only did they replace slow and costly labor, they also replaced wheeled four unlike agricultural use. Cars and crawler transport vehicles mainly use crawlers as their walking mode, which has the characteristics of stability, large contact area, and simple operation. It is the first choice for this purpose.

The crawler is the most important part of the car, so its quality and performance depend on the later service life. Then everyone is worried about the crawler's wear and load capacity when it has been running on the rocky roads and complex roads in 8X8 Amphibious Vehicle the mountains. Let's discuss it together!

The crawler belts used in crawler transport vehicles are mainly rubber-wrapped steel belts. In the early stage, this rubber crawler was mainly made of steel wires. After later improvements, the mainstream models have adopted the steel belt type, and have also changed from the previous deep toothed belt to the current one. Engineering rubber track, so why replace the deep toothed belt with grip? In the past, deep toothed belts have high grip and high stability, and are more suitable for muddy roads. Then, it has a fatal disadvantage that it is easy to break and is not suitable for stone-sharp roads. In this way, it is not as tough as engineering crawlers with better toughness. That is, the risk of broken belts is solved, and the toughness and load-bearing capacity are increased. Therefore, the engineering rubber crawler has become the mainstream model choice.

The track of the crawler transporter adopts a thickened rubber tire base, which has longer wear resistance and better toughness. As a vulnerable part of the machine, maintenance and usual attention are still required. Everything is guided and avoided as much as possible. Open sharp places, not to mention savage operations, which will cause unnecessary trouble!