How much do you know about rubber track


The rubber track is an endless belt made of three main […]

The rubber track is an endless belt made of three main materials: neoprene, glass fiber cord and nylon elastic cloth. It adopts synchronous belt meshing transmission. It has low ground pressure, high traction, low vibration when climbing stairs, low noise, and humidity. Rubber tracks series The field has good passability, not easy to damage the road surface, and fast driving speed! Rubber crawlers are mainly used in the completion of various intelligent crawler robots such as industrial robots, special operation robots, service robots, micro robots, etc., walking, crossing obstacles, and climbing stairs!

The rubber parts of the rubber track include pattern side rubber, bottom rubber, cord rubber, cloth layer rubber and so on.

(1) Pattern side glue

The pattern side rubber prevents mechanical damage and early wear of the belt body, transmits the traction and braking force of the vehicle to the road, and absorbs and transmits the vibration of the rubber track during movement. The running part of the pattern side rubber is a surface composed of blocks of different shapes and grooves, including parallel, single ladder, double ladder, herringbone, etc.~ The block selection and height design should be adapted to terrain conditions and improve traction As a prerequisite, while taking into account the cost. The configuration should avoid stress concentration, change the resistance to crack growth, reduce the early damage of the rubber caused by the crushed stone squeezing into the pattern block, and have good wear resistance, puncture resistance, tear resistance, to prevent chipping and chipping. Flexibility and aging resistance, etc.

(2) Primer

The bottom rubber is on the lower layer of the pattern side rubber to cushion vibration and impact. In the course of using the rubber track, the bottom rubber undergoes repeated deformation and generates a lot of heat. Therefore, the bottom rubber should have low heat build-up, high thermal conductivity, high elasticity and good adhesion properties.

(3) Cord fabric glue and cloth layer glue

The cord fabric glue should have high elasticity and flexibility, good thermal conductivity and air tightness, excellent dynamic performance and heat resistance, and good adhesion to the framework material. The cloth layer glue should have good adhesion properties with cord cloth glue, and have good calendering process performance.