How to choose the type of mine engineering transport vehicle


The selection of mine engineering transportation is a r […]

The selection of mine engineering transportation is a relatively important and very complicated issue for mine engineering enterprises that adopt automobile transportation. Choosing transport vehicles suitable for mine use from the market is a difficult problem that needs to be solved in the vehicle transportation planning of new enterprises and the renewal of old transport vehicles. It is also a key link in the introduction of transport vehicles from abroad.

Mine engineering vehicles are necessary transportation tools used in open-pit and underground mines. However, if the exhaust emissions of the underground transportation vehicles are not handled properly, it is easy to cause harm to the underground construction personnel. Therefore, transport vehicles the exhaust emissions should be discharged by water treatment. Open-air use will inevitably lead to severe weather and bumpy road environments. This requires targeted selection of steel tires and four-wheel drive vehicles. The arduous working environment and the squeezing of the ore on the carriages are also impossible to avoid. When choosing a car, It is important to increase the thickness of the carriage steel plate and require timely maintenance. It is well known that coal mine dust pollution is particularly serious, especially the oil should be replaced on time, the diesel filter element, and the oil filter element should also be replaced in time. The above requirements are for attention when choosing a mining vehicle. matter.