How to correctly understand all-terrain vehicles


Adventure and exploration are human instincts. People c […]

Adventure and exploration are human instincts. People can always have fun in it and make some weird things. The charm of human beings lies in their ability to use wisdom to meet their needs in adversity.

For example, in order to be able to continue driving through various muddy roads, off-road vehicles were developed; in order to be able to drive on more severe road conditions, all-terrain vehicles that were more violent than off-road vehicles were born.



The English All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) for all-terrain vehicles, as the name implies, is a vehicle that can drive on any terrain, commonly known as "ATV", and also known as "all-terrain four-wheel off-road locomotive"

The ATV's body is light and compact, and generally has no canopy. Because its structure is very similar to that of a motorcycle, the vehicle has good off-road performance, has a variety of uses, and is not restricted by road conditions. It is widely used in North America and Western Europe.

The ATV culture is becoming stronger and stronger, and the "UTV" (Practical All Terrain Vehicle) is derived from it. UTV adopts steering wheel operation and has a higher safety factor than ATV. It is also equipped with protective measures such as roll cages and seat belts. It is mainly used as a means of transportation in mining, field, beach off-road, mountain loading, farm operations, etc.
Later, on the basis of UTV, SSV (side by side vehicle) was derived, which removed the practical design of the UTV rear cargo bucket, strengthened safety protection, optimized the vehicle's center of gravity and frame structure, and adjusted it to be more professional Various parameter configurations of competitive performance make SSV an all-terrain racing car that specializes in conquering various tracks.

The performance of SSV is very domineering, taking into account both the off-road function of professional SUV and the ability of high-speed driving. It can quickly pass through difficult terrain such as deserts, steep slopes, and mud as you want. It is usually used for various venue competitions, rally competitions, etc.