How to deal with the tide of crawler transport vehicles


Due to the continuous rise in temperature, it is inevit […]

Due to the continuous rise in temperature, it is inevitable that there will be damp conditions in many confined spaces of crawler trucks, but this will easily make the circuit appear short-circuited. Therefore, we suggest that the majority of users must do a good job of ventilation when using the crawler transporter, and carry out regular cleaning.

1. Moisture-proof of leather and suede seats: crawler transport vehicle seats are generally divided into two categories: leather materials and flannel materials. Leather seats are relatively simple to handle. Generally, car owners will choose to use wet towels or special leather cleaners for cooperation. tracked carrier Wipe the surface. However, the cleaning of the flannel seat is more laborious, and the cleaning is monotonous after vacuuming.

2. Moisture-proof and mildew-proof of the top and center console: The method of cleaning the roof depends on the material and color. Light-colored suede materials can be cleaned by referring to the suede seat cleaning method, but pay attention to the use of cleaning It is recommended to cover the seats or carpets under the ceiling. For dark roofs, you only need to wipe the surface with a clean wet towel.

3. Moisture-proof circuit and electrical appliances in the crawler transport vehicle: the circuit is likely to form a short circuit when it meets with water, which is a simple form of engine scrap. After trekking in rainy days, especially after wading, even if the engine is working normally, it is recommended to do some disposal of the circuit equipment in the repair station in time. When cleaning a crawler transport vehicle, you should also pay attention not to wipe the interior with a towel that is too wet to prevent the electrical appliances in the vehicle from getting damp.

4. Anti-mold soft decorations in crawler transport vehicles: prevent the decay of cotton and linen products, cushions and carpets, very easy to absorb moisture. Especially in humid areas and rainy seasons, it is more susceptible to damp and mildew. Therefore, the finished cotton and linen products on the crawler trucks must be checked frequently.

5. Cleaning of blankets and foot pads: When cleaning the blankets and foot pads of crawler transport vehicles, please pay attention to the moisture in the foot pads before they are completely dry and put them back on the crawler transport vehicles, so there will be a strand Unpleasant smell, it is recommended to dry or dry the foot pad thoroughly before putting it back in