How to define an all-terrain vehicle


ATV is the common name for All Terrain Vehicle (All Ter […]

ATV is the common name for All Terrain Vehicle (All Terrain Vehicle, abbreviated ATV, is a means of transportation suitable for all terrains), also known as "all-terrain four-wheel off-road locomotive." The ATV can walk freely on 8X8 ATV vehicles terrain that is difficult for ordinary vehicles to maneuver. The vehicle is simple and practical, has good off-road performance and generally has no canopy in appearance.

There are currently no laws and regulations that allow ATVs to be on the road. This type of vehicle is not listed in the catalog, nor is it a disabled vehicle, and this vehicle is obviously a four-wheeled vehicle, so it cannot be used like an electric bicycle.


In foreign countries, some countries clearly stipulate that ATVs are special vehicles and can only be used in designated places, such as entertainment venues, stadiums, farms, forests and other places. It is illegal to go on the road. For example, in the United States, many American car users put the ATV on the cargo hopper behind the pickup truck to run on the highway, and then unload it to play at a designated place. In addition, some countries clearly stipulate that ATVs can be used on the road, such as France, but the vehicle must meet the corresponding conditions for on the road, including turning lights, rearview mirrors, reflectors, horns, and headlights that meet the requirements.