How to evaluate the new Chinese 8x8 all-terrain vehicle


Recently a number of Chinese 8x8 all-terrain vehicles ( […]

Recently a number of Chinese 8x8 all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) appeared. First militarized designs were observed in 2008. Most likely that all of these vehicles are based on Canadian commercial Argo designs. One of them is produced by Yiwu Xibeihu Special Vehicles. Sometimes it is referred as the Lynx. It seems that the new all-terrain vehicle was developed in close cooperation with the Chinese army. It is an 8 wheel-drive amphibious off-road vehicle. This ATV has a bathtube-like design. It is constructed of composite materials. It was significantly militarized comparing with commercial Argo designs. Modifications include a strengthened body and different top structure with storage space and weapon mounts. Engine was relocated to the rear. The vehicle is in service with Chinese army, marines and some other paramilitary units. Such ATVs are typically used by parachute brigades and special operation forces. This all-terrain vehicle is proposed for export customers as the CS/VP4. It has been exported to Venezuela, and possibly some other countries. South African National Defense Forces also use a successful Gecko 8x8 ATV, which is also based on Canadian Argo design.


The new Chinese 8x8 all-terrain vehicle can be used for different roles, including troop, cargo, equipment and weapon transport, reconnaissance, resupply, or casualty evacuation. During airborne and special forces operations this vehicle can be landed by helicopters and briefly redeploy from landing zones to firing positions.

The cargo space at the rear can be used to carry troops, personal equipment or ammunition. Payload capacity is 1 100 kg. Seating is provided for the driver and 5 passengers. This all-terrain vehicle can tow light artillery pieces.

There is a mount for general purpose or heavy machine gun, or alternatively a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. A version of this ATV has been observed, armed with multiple launch artillery rocket systems, or even a 120 or 122 mm gun.