How to maintain the rubber crawler chassis of a crawler truck?


The main walking device of the crawler transporter is t […]

The main walking device of the crawler transporter is the rubber crawler chassis. If the crawler transporter is to be used for a long time, the maintenance of the crawler is indispensable, so how to maintain the rubber crawler chassis of the crawler transporter?

Regular maintenance of any equipment is very necessary. The fuel tank of the crawler truck itself is equipped with protective measures, which can be waterproof and insulated. If you are idling for a long time, you may need to clean Rubber Tracks the oil circuit when it is 30,000 kilometers. Or replace the filter. Otherwise, once the oil circuit is blocked, the air pressure in the fuel tank of the crawler truck is too high, and the car will shake during the driving process. Under the influence of high pressure, the fuel tank is very easy to crack. In severe cases, oil leakage will occur and fuel consumption will increase.

The fuel tank of the crawler truck itself is external: you need to check the fuel tank, fuel pipes, joints and other places for depression or oil leakage. Remember to check whether the fixing screws of the fuel tank bracket are tightened. Inside: Open the fuel tank port, take out the filter barrel, and suck out the oil. Only about 30L of gasoline is left in the crawler transport cart. Insert the cleaned plastic pipe from the fuel filler port to the bottom of the tank, and gently blow the gasoline at the bottom of the tank. Make it tumble to achieve the cleaning effect.

When the crawler truck is cleaned, you can use a clean cloth to block the fuel filler nozzle, and then constantly change the position and direction of the plastic pipe to avoid rubbing the oil surface sensor as much as possible. After blowing for 20 minutes, the gasoline is released. The impurities will flow out together. Note that the fuel discharged from the fuel tank should pass 72 hours of precipitation before the crawler transporter can be used. This is also to ensure the safety of the crawler transporter. The oil is used daily as a maintenance product for the maintenance of the transport beam, and the engine is running It plays a very important role. Only by choosing the right engine oil can the normal driving of the vehicle be ensured. When buying, it is also necessary to pay attention to the fraud of unscrupulous merchants to avoid the double loss of economy and vehicle.