How to prevent the crawler from slipping on a small crawler transport vehicle


The small crawler transporter is suitable for easily tr […]

The small crawler transporter is suitable for easily transporting large items, crops, sand, and other objects that are difficult to manually transport in a narrow space, and has excellent climbing ability, especially for hard work. The small crawler transporter is a new type of product, which is characterized by rubber crawlers and firm swing rollers to ensure that the crew can perform smoothly and effortlessly during the transportation process, and minimize the damage to the ground. Compared with the small truck conveyors on the market, the small crawler truck uses diesel power and the front part of the transmission. lawn mower walking system The load capacity, stability and easy protection are greatly improved, and the durability of the machine is extended as much as possible.
The small crawler transporter is a commonly used transporter on the market. It has a very good use effect, high work efficiency, powerful functions and a wide range of applications. However, each small crawler truck is affected by the application environment during the operation, and tire slip will inevitably occur.
The solution to the crawler slippage of the small crawler transporter:

1. If the front wheel of a small crawler truck slips, the steering wheel cannot be turned. The vehicle should drive forward, and the vehicle should drive straight ahead until it stops at an obstacle; if the steering wheel rotates, the steering wheel can rotate until it recovers.
2. When the rear wheel of a small crawler truck slips, no matter which direction the number of vehicles drops, the rear body will slip. During this period, the direction of the anti-skid steering wheel should ensure that there is no brake, and all movements should be as gentle as possible.
3. When the four wheels of the small tracked transporter skid, the speed of the truck is faster than usual. When we cannot find grip in the front, all actions should be slowed down to make the vehicle move slowly until there is no slippage.