How to treat the repair and maintenance of transport vehicles


How to treat the repair and maintenance of transport ve […]

How to treat the repair and maintenance of transport vehicles

Compared with ordinary vehicles, transportation vehicles have the characteristics of large load-bearing capacity, long mileage, and high requirements on the driver's driving ability, which makes transportation vehicles more vulnerable to damage than ordinary vehicles. In the face of the repair and maintenance of transportation vehicles, we should start from our daily work to repair and maintain transportation vehicles, early detection and early resolution, to avoid accumulation of excess, resulting in irreparable accidents.


As an important daily transportation, vehicles must not only be used in accordance with regulations, but also pay attention to regular maintenance and maintenance of vehicles. Only in this way can the safety and long-term use of vehicles be guaranteed. As the weight carried by transport vehicles increases, the maintenance and maintenance of vehicles is more important to transport vehicles. The safety inspection, cleaning, maintenance and replenishment of transport vehicles are the daily tasks that drivers must do. A little carelessness will endanger driving safety and pose a serious threat to the safety of personnel and goods. Therefore, transport vehicles must not be ignored Repair and maintenance.

As the main undertaker in transportation activities, transportation vehicles are of great significance to transportation work. We should always pay attention to the safety inspection of transportation vehicles to ensure the safety of the performance of the vehicles, so as to ensure the smooth development of transportation work. We should carry out safety inspections on the vehicles from the following aspects: 1. The security inspection of the connecting parts; 2. The inspection of the oil quality; 3. The inspection of the oil height; 4. The inspection of the body and the lighting device; 5. The appearance of the tires. And air pressure check.

The normality of vehicle connectors is one of the important factors related to driving safety. If the connecting piece is abnormal, it will cause the steering, braking and transmission components to work abnormally, thereby seriously threatening driving safety. Therefore, the inspection of the vehicle connection parts must not be ignored.

Not only that, when inspecting the safety of the vehicle, we should also pay attention to the various hose joints around the engine and the plugs of electrical equipment, etc., and check whether these parts are firm. If looseness is found, we should immediately Carry out maintenance to prevent air leakage and electricity leakage caused by parts scraping and collision with other parts during driving due to looseness.