How to work the tracked carrier due to the problematic terrains


Limited access jobsites prove challenging for many indu […]

Limited access jobsites prove challenging for many industries that require hauling concrete off-road due to the problematic terrains. While remote jobsite concrete delivery can be challenging, with the right equipment it can be done smoothly, safely, and efficiently. rubber tracked carriers have been the go-to solution for contractors hauling concrete off-road because of their innate ability to traverse rough, wet and steep terrain with ease; all while being outfitted with various types of concrete support equipment.

tracked carriers exert low ground pressure which minimizes ground damage on environmentally sensitive jobsites, and their carrying capacities range between 12,000-lbs. and 28,000-lbs. allowing for the reliable transport of various concrete load sizes. tracked units are commonly equipped with custom covered dump beds or concrete chutes for exceptional hauling efficiency and pouring precision.

Paired together, these track mounted concrete haulers are advantageous for keeping concrete fresh during off-road transport and delivery, and will handle most concrete mixes. To date, the ability to transport concrete remotely with customized carriers has been useful for pouring utility pole foundations, solar farm footings, windmill bases, and housing development lots as well as for installing and replacing barge moorings on riversides. Crawler carriers have also been spotted building shoreline erosion control walls, underground mine storage facilities, and pipeline valve stations and sub-stations.