In modern operations many terrain restrictions are encountered in desert areas


In modern operations, many terrain restrictions are enc […]

In modern operations, many terrain restrictions are encountered in desert areas, such as: soft roads, "sands", sand storms, and so on. The size and weight of common vehicles such as: locomotive, troop carrier, and jeep are severely restricted. In the operations of these areas in the last century, soldiers' legs and livestock (camels) were used as the means of transportation.

Although the use of motorcycles can be passed and has strong mobility, but it carries too few tactical materials and soldiers, and cannot meet the operational needs in a short time. Therefore, the U.S. military first cited the LTATV, a four-wheel full combat vehicle, and applied it to the desert areas of the Middle East at the end of the last century. This vehicle has achieved amazing results in combat in the desert area. Because the vehicle can travel quickly in the desert area, it is not afraid of quicksand to sink the vehicle. It can also carry a maximum of 6 soldiers and has a load capacity of less than 2 tons, which greatly speeds up. The mobility of the army has the ability to maneuver and supply materials in special areas.

This 4-wheeled all-terrain vehicle is world-famous for fighting in desert areas, so it is called "ATV" in China. The same is our country's careful analysis of its performance, and found that its structure, power system, shock absorption system, and further improvements can be used not only in desert areas, but also in mountainous jungle areas.

And China ’s military motorcycle technology is world-renowned for its simplicity, lightness, and maneuverability. After researching and improving the “beach bike”, it also adopted the research and development thinking of “giving up power and increasing off-road” — —4-wheel all-terrain vehicle. This all-terrain vehicle, although its power system and volume are not as large as those of the U.S. military, but its passability is arguably the best in the world. It can not only conduct desert operations, but also jungle and mountain operations. °, can shuttle in the jungle, and the overall waterproofness is excellent, the wading depth reaches about one meter. At the beginning of this century, we began to equip troops. Our army's airborne units, mountain combat units, digital reconnaissance units, and special forces were equipped with such vehicles.