The majestic display of the "all-terrain crawler transporter" land tyrant


All-terrain vehicles can travel normally in harsh terra […]

All-terrain vehicles can travel normally in harsh terrain such as swamps, snow, deserts, and streams. Because of their strong adaptability and good passing ability, their military potential has been valued by more and more countries. According to the walking style, it is usually divided into a crawler type and a wheel type.

Tracked all-terrain vehicles have low grounding pressure and the soft ground can be accessed without obstacles. The internationally representative vehicles are: Sweden's BV206, Russia's DT-30, and later Singapore's horse JM-6. The typical feature of these models is the use of a double-carriage articulated chassis that diverts the cylinders between the two cars to achieve steering of the vehicle. Tracked ATVs are mainly used for rescue and transportation (oil, personnel, water, medical equipment) and other functions.

The Swedish BV206 is mainly used to transport combatants and materials, and adopts a double-car articulated structure. The Bv206 series has produced approximately 11,000 vehicles and is operational in more than 40 countries around the world with excellent performance. The Bv206 series of all-terrain vehicles was developed by Alves Hegron and the Swedish Army Quartermaster Command and was originally used by the Swedish Army. The basic Bv206 body is made of fire-resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP). It has a two-layer structure, which is not only sturdy and durable, but also lighter than steel cars, and it also acts as a rollover prevention. The whole vehicle is articulated by front and rear compartments, and each compartment consists of a chassis and a body. The Bv206S body is made of a fully welded steel armor that resists direct shooting of 7.62 mm ammunition and howitzer fragments. The front compartment is provided to the driver and three campaign personnel, and the rear compartment carries eight full-equipment campaign personnel. The front and rear compartments of the vehicle are equipped with a sky window. The vehicle is equipped with air conditioning, with nuclear, raw and chemical environmental protection capabilities, and an automatic fire detection and extinguishing system for the equipment. The vehicle is driven by four tracks and maintained on a soft surface with good maneuverability, like mud, sand and snow, which is minimized by a load-balanced distribution of four tracks. The track is made of 0.6-meter wide rubber with longitude-strength reinforcement and full wire side reinforcement, so it has high strength and does not break the road on high-grade roads.