What are the characteristics of the structure of the BV206 armored ATV?


The Swedish BV206 armored all-terrain vehicle consists […]

The Swedish BV206 armored all-terrain vehicle consists of two compartments, and the body is connected by a steering device. Each carriage consists of a chassis and a body. The chassis part is composed of a central beam, side transmission and mobile device assembly.Bandvagn 206 accessories
4 independent mobile device assemblies are interchangeable. The front compartment can carry 600 kg of cargo or accommodate 5 soldiers and 1 driver; the rear compartment can carry 1400 kg or sufficient space for 11 heavily armed soldiers. Their seats are on the sides and in front of the car, and rucksacks can be placed on the roof of the car, weighing up to 200 kg.
When the car is fully loaded, a trailer with a total weight of 2.5 tons can be driven in any road environment, and the rear compartment can be easily replaced for special purposes.