Like pickup trucks ATVs are a very popular model abroad


Like pickup trucks, ATVs are a very popular model abroa […]

Like pickup trucks, ATVs are a very popular model abroad, but a very small model in China. If pickup trucks are popular because they meet the needs of both people and cargo, then the development of off-road vehicles to this day is because of their superior off-road performance, which can conquer various difficult natural environments.

ATV with good quality and performance can not only drive on the beach, but also the river bed, forest road, stream, and even the worse desert terrain can be easily conquered by it. Carrying people or transporting items to the fullest extent of ATV's functions is a versatile tool.

However, the place where ATVs can really play a role is still abroad. We can often see foreigners driving this ATVs in farms in foreign movies. However, due to the influence of national conditions in China, in addition to some heavy hobbies However, few people use this model for home.

Of course, in addition to pickup trucks and all-terrain off-road vehicles, there are many very classic models that are not popular in China. For example, "side three wheels", which is commonly known as the shoulder. At first glance, many people may not understand the name, but I believe everyone has seen it in film and television dramas. As a "must-have" model, In the era of motorcycles, the side three wheels were very hot at one time, but as more vehicles appeared, the side three wheels were gradually marginalized.

Compared with two-wheeled vehicles, the side three wheels are not flexible enough, compared with four-wheeled vehicles, the side three wheels are not comfortable enough, and because the design structure is asymmetric, it will always be easy to deviate, and it must be constantly corrected, so the side three wheels are eliminated by the market. Understandable.

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