Modern four-wheeled ATV is a good helper for hunting


Modern four-wheeled ATV is a good helper for hunting, b […]

Modern four-wheeled ATV is a good helper for hunting, but it requires a certain amount of technical content to drive safely. Even experienced drivers sometimes encounter dangerous situations, so it is absolutely beneficial to learn useful common sense! Of course, if you violate the design of the car to take some very bad roads or do some extraordinary things, then it is undoubtedly asking for trouble.

When you put a very large thing, such as a newly processed deer, on the rear frame of the car, try to be as close as possible to the center of the car! Loading heavy goods onto the outside of the frame can seriously affect the operation of the ATV.

A bumpy road may shift the load, so after placing it at the center point, secure it with a belt. It is best to use an adjustable reinforcing strap instead of a normal binding strap. When you return, choose a road with better road conditions, and drive the car a little slower. Don't drive too fast to get back to the camp.

The first thing after getting on the bus: test the brakes! Ensure that the front and rear brakes respond well and the force is balanced. This will ensure that your car is always in a controlled state.

If you want to drive the car through a depth of water that passes through the area of ​​the brakes, be very careful. The water resistance of the brake pad will be reduced, so if it is wet, dry it as soon as possible, and lightly press the brake to speed up the air drying.

Some things like fine gravel and mud will get stuck in the brake components. After long-distance driving, the ATV should be flushed in time to prevent mechanical damage.