Rubber tracks are mainly used for special occasions


Rubber tracks are mainly used for special occasions, su […]

Rubber tracks are mainly used for special occasions, such as military parade, tanks, armored vehicles, etc., to protect the ground! The rubber crawler walking system has low noise, low vibration and comfortable ride, and is especially suitable for high-speed transfer occasions, achieving full-surface passing performance. Advanced and reliable electrical instrumentation and machine condition monitoring system provide a reliable guarantee for the correct operation of the driver. In addition to being used in military applications, it is also widely used in large-scale machinery, such as crawler vehicles such as excavators, which have the same functionality and function.

The material of the track is steel and rubber. Steel track shoes are mostly used on equipment with large tonnage, and rubber track shoes are mostly used in small tonnage equipment.
The track is a flexible link that is driven by the drive wheel and surrounds the drive wheel, the load wheel, the inducer wheel and the carrier pulley. The track consists of a track shoe and a track pin. The track pin connects the track shoes to form a track link. The track shoes have holes at both ends, which are engaged with the driving wheel. The middle part has induction teeth, which are used to align the track and prevent the track from falling off when the tank is turning or rolling. There is a reinforced anti-slip rib on the side in contact with the ground. To improve the robustness of the track shoes and the adhesion of the track to the ground.

The rubber track has the characteristics of light weight, low vibration, low noise, high adhesion, good ground adaptability and no damage to the road surface; it is especially suitable for urban construction.

The basic structure of the rubber track and the steel track are the same, and usually consist of a guide wheel, a support wheel, a drive wheel, a wagon wheel, a crawler and a walking frame.