The ATV is an all-terrain vehicle All Terrain Vehicle


The ATV is an all-terrain vehicle—All Terrain Vehicle ( […]

The ATV is an all-terrain vehicle—All Terrain Vehicle (available for all terrain vehicles) is a common name for ATV, also known as the “All Terrain Four-Wheel Off-Road Locomotive”. In the European Union and the United States, ATV and UTV, BAJA, Go-kart, and non-road two-wheeled motorcycles are collectively called ORV (non-road vehicles) [1]. ATVs can travel on any terrain and walk freely on terrain that is difficult for ordinary vehicles to maneuver. The vehicle is simple and practical, with good off-road performance and a general appearance without a canopy. In fact, it is difficult for us to express it with a simple Chinese name; according to its appearance, it is very sloppy to translate into [all-terrain four-wheeled off-road locomotive]. It has been called [ATV] in China, which is wrong.

On soft sand, ATV's wide tires increase friction with the ground contact area, and the unique tread makes the tires not easy to slip and slip, and easy to drive on the sand; thus the misunderstanding is called [ATV] . ATVs of good quality and excellent performance can not only drive the beach; riverbeds, forest roads, streams and even worse deserts can be easily overcome. Carrying personnel or transporting items makes the function of ATV vivid.... It is an all-round action tool. So, please don't call it "ATV" anymore. It is an excellent means of transportation and one of the great inventions of mankind. It is only limited by the local environment, otherwise it will be one of the best companions for people, or call it ATV!