The difference in performance between family cars and off-road vehicles


Everyone knows that baiSUV refers to a sports utility c […]

Everyone knows that baiSUV refers to a sports utility car, and many people prefer to call it an urban off-road vehicle. In fact, this name is not wrong, the definition of SUV includes off-road vehicles, but off-road vehicles are more professional. Generally, SUVs and off-road vehicles can clearly be seen from the appearance. The design of SUVs is between ordinary cars and off-road vehicles. Compared with rough-shaped off-road vehicles, SUVs are more fashionable and moderate. In addition to appearance, the difference between SUVs and SUVs is actually big.
From the perspective of off-road capability, the difference between the two is simply: SUVs can be driven as long as they have roads, and off-road vehicles can be driven without roads. It is not difficult to find pictures of off-road vehicles on the Internet. Off-road vehicles are found in steep rocks, bad mountains, muddy puddles and other places where there is no road and are not suitable for driving.



These mainly reflect its superior climbing ability and good passability. Although the SUV has better passability than ordinary cars, it is not comparable to off-road vehicles, and it can't be controlled if it encounters bad road conditions.
Some professional performance terms such as body passability and climbing ability are also mentioned above. In addition, the off-road vehicle has higher power and greater torque than the SUV, which is for off-road operation at low speed. Although some high-end SUVs also have a four-wheel drive system, in order to make the vehicle better off the hook, the off-road vehicle can amplify the ability and reliability of the low-speed four-speed gear that the torque has to have.
In terms of design, SUVs have tended to bring Ts in recent years, but off-road vehicles are still naturally aspirated engines. The turbocharging used by the SUV is regarded as a representative of fuel-efficient and energy-efficient, and you can also experience the explosive power of Jiner. In fact, the naturally aspirated engine of off-road vehicles does not require much explosive power, and it needs a constant power output. In terms of engines, if there is no better technical development, the first choice for off-road vehicles is naturally aspirated engines.