The service life of a combine harvester rubber track depends


The service life of a combine harvester rubber track de […]

The service life of a combine harvester rubber track depends to a large extent on the operating environment and method of use. Must pay attention to the prevention of early wear of rubber tracks

Rubber tracks should avoid contact with oil, diesel, grease, and other oils, and should avoid contact with chemicals such as acids, alkalis, salts, and pesticides.

Rubber tracks should be avoided on sharp stones, steel bars, and uneven ground. If the vehicle is far away, it should be transported by transport.

Rubber tracks should be flushed in time to prevent corrosion and wear of the rubber tracks.

During the driving process, the sharp bend should be minimized, and the sharp bend can easily cause the derailed damage track, and the guide wheel or the guide rail can hit the core iron to cause the core iron to fall off.

Frequently check the wear of the drive wheel, the guide wheel and the roller. When the drive wheel is seriously worn, the gap between the drive gear and the core iron gear is increased, resulting in a large impact force. In severe cases, the core iron will be hooked out. The drive wheel, guide wheel and roller that are seriously worn out should be replaced in time.

It is not suitable to walk on the slope or walk over the bridge, the edge of the step is frictional walking, and the walking is forcibly climbed. These abnormal behaviors can cause damage to the track pattern, breakage of the core iron, cut of the edge of the track, and breakage of the steel cord. The damage is produced.

Pay attention to the adjustment of the rubber track tension. The rubber track must maintain the normal tension. It should not be too loose or too tight. If the tension is too loose, the track will be derailed. If it is too tight, the track will have a large tension, which will cause the track to be extended. The pitch changes, and the high-pressure surface is generated in some places, causing the core iron and the driving wheel to accelerate wear. During the use, the inspection and adjustment should be paid attention to frequently. The adjustment should be carried out on the flat hard ground and adjusted to the specified clearance.