What are the advantages of tracked Carriers


Tracked Carriers are revolutionary and versatile carryi […]

Tracked Carriers are revolutionary and versatile carrying machines with huge capabilities and many uses. With the ability to carry heavy loads that would usually require multiple persons or re-designed access, Tracked Carriers are the cost effective material transporting solution that replace excessive man power and reduce the need for manual handling. Typical features include-

Low ground pressure and stair climbing abilities
Compact designs with low carrier bed heights for increased stability & ease of loading
Battery and hybrid power options for internal and external use
Minimum maintenance requirements and no hydraulic components
Proportional and adjustable remote control system with information display
Carrier beds designed to be multi-purpose and customisable

Tracked Carriers models are compact and efficient, with low carrier bed heights for easier loading and increased stability. The large amount of track rollers spread weight for ease of handling and maneuverability to handle inclines, declines and stairs. Tracked Carriers are battery power for fume-free operation suiting both internal and external use, some models are available as series hybrids to increase range whilst keeping emissions to a minimum. Minimum maintenance requirements are a key feature across the range with sealed batteries, few or no hydraulic components, AC motors, and super-efficient gearboxes all working together to make ownership easy. The intuitive remote control systems provide smooth and fully proportional operation, and display important machine information such as gradients, battery levels and drive speeds. Attachments are available for many machines, further increasing the amount of uses that can be had by owning a Tracked Carrier.