What are the characteristics of the Lynx all-terrain vehicle


The "Lynx" all-terrain vehicle is a light and flexible […]

The "Lynx" all-terrain vehicle is a light and flexible small all-terrain assault vehicle equipped by the People's Liberation Army with very strong off-road capabilities. Its overall size is basically similar to that of a mini car. The power unit uses a diesel engine.tracked carrier  The model is a closed ship. It has the ability to float, and uses the propeller behind the car to advance during the float. This ATV has a maximum load of six people and several shelves. The maximum load can reach one ton, enough to carry one class of combat supplies.


This "Lynx" all-terrain vehicle looks like eight wheels supporting a hull. The roof, mid-waist and several reinforcement beams on the back outline the overall outline of the vehicle. The diamond-shaped front line of the integrated fuel tank is tough. It echoes with the thick tail design, coupled with the round lights of the two wings protruding, the overall style looks very capable, and has the characteristics of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

The overall performance of this "Lynx" all-terrain vehicle is very excellent. First of all, it has a very high adaptability to the terrain. It can easily cross a trench of 1.2 meters high, and the maximum climbing angle can reach 70 degrees. The wide tires It can walk on the terrain such as swamps and snow, and when up to four tires fail, this all-terrain vehicle can also walk, which largely guarantees its mobility and survivability on the battlefield.

In addition, this "Lynx" ATV's weapon system is also very advanced. It can be equipped with traditional light equipment such as heavy machine guns and grenade launchers. It can also be equipped with heavy weapons, including rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles, and forced Artillery, recoilless artillery, rocket artillery, and even light howitzer, these advanced weapons can provide this ATV with sufficient firepower, and also have a good self-defense capability.