What are the cleaning and care of crawler trucks?


What are the cleaning and care of crawler trucks? As th […]

What are the cleaning and care of crawler trucks?

As the name suggests, a crawler transporter is a type of transporter whose tires are in the form of a crawler. Compared with other transport vehicles, the driving of the crawler transporter is very stable. With the hot sale of the tracked carrier, its maintenance has also become people issue concerned.

The dashboard of the crawler transporter should be a very important part of the interior. Every driver will directly face the dashboard. It will directly affect the cleanliness of the passengers and provide a visual perception of the overall effect of the internal environment of the crawler transporter. Because of its complex structure and more detailed, it is more difficult to clean various switchgear. Note that the instrument panel, cloth and sponge clean very few parts, only those places need "special tools", in this case, their "special tools", you can come in handy, use a variety of different thickness of wood or For the ruler, repair its head oblique triangle, rectangle, or different styles, such as shapes, and then clean it with a clean cloth is an ideal, not only can improve the cleaning effect, but not the clean part at the same time damage. The cleaning technique on the car is the easiest to get dirty. If you use a brush to remove the dust, you can make the dirty carpet look less dirty.1000-1

For some dirty carpets, special detergents can be used. The first two commonly used washing powders are used to remove dust, then spray with an appropriate amount of detergent, brush clean with a brush, and finally wipe with a clean cloth, so that we can clean and soften the carpet after cleaning. The most important thing is to note that the carpet should not be completely immersed in water and scrubbed. On the one hand, it will destroy the adhesives of several layers of different materials inside the carpet. On the other hand, the carpet will not affect the use effect for a long time.

 Tracked transport vehicle brake system mainly focuses on the amount of brake fluid and the baseline of the receiving tank. The brake fluid is much lower than the previous inspection, and the possibility of failure is high. The leakage of the brake pipe also requires close attention, and the hand line is equipped with a clutch. It also needs to pay attention to the volume of the fluid. If the volume of the fluid is reduced to the air, it cannot brake. Therefore, the brake system should pay attention to the maintenance of the brake fluid. If there is enough fluid to allow air to enter, the brakes will become sluggish. In addition, check the clutch pedal, check discontinuous points, poor contact or accurate point deviations need to be repaired.