What are the cleaning and care points for crawler transport vehicles?


  A crawler transporter is a type of transporter w […]


A crawler transporter is a type of transporter whose tires are in the form of a tracked carrier. Compared with other transport vehicles, the driving of the crawler transporter is very stable. With the hot sale of the crawler transporter, its maintenance is also very effective. In view of the issues that people are concerned about, the following will talk about the cleaning and care of the crawler truck.HASDER 800-1  Heavy load  All-terrain utility Carrier

The instrument panel is a very important part of the crawler transporter. Every driver will directly face the instrument panel. It will directly affect the clarity of the driver's observation of the instrument and provide a visual perception of the overall effect of the internal environment of the crawler transporter. . Because of its complex structure and more detailed structure, it is more difficult to clean various switchgears. You can use a cloth and sponge to clean a part. Only those special places need "special tools", such as using wood of various thicknesses, etc., to repair its head oblique triangle, rectangle, or different shapes, which can not only improve the cleaning effect, but also avoid damage while the equipment is clean.

The dust removal technique on a crawler transporter is very cumbersome. You can first remove the dust with a brush head, then spray an appropriate amount with a special detergent, and then clean it with a brush, or wipe it with a clean cloth. It is important to note that some parts of the crawler truck should not be completely immersed in water, which will affect the future use of the crawler truck.

Leakage of brake pipes of crawler transport vehicles also requires close attention. For crawler transport vehicles equipped with clutches, the brake system also needs to pay attention to the maintenance of brake fluid. If there is enough fluid to allow air to enter, the brakes will become slow. In addition, check the clutch pedal of the crawler transport vehicle, check the discontinuous points, poor contact or accurate point deviations need to be repaired.