What are the components of the double tracked transport vehicle


  The double-section crawler transporter is compos […]


The double-section crawler transporter is composed of front and rear crawler vehicles and articulated devices. Its application occasions are mostly in the field with complex terrain conditions. The complex terrain conditions bring great difficulties to its normal driving. This requires the double-section crawler vehicle to be used in It should have good maneuverability and reliability as well as high stability when driving on these terrains.

Due to the relatively large mass of the front and rear vehicles, the double-section crawler transporter has a large amount of goods that can be loaded. It has high requirements on the hinge mechanism, and must have a simple structure and high strength. With the articulation mechanism, the front and rear crawler vehicles can rotate around the pitch axis, the turning axis and the steering axis of the articulation device mechanism. transport vehicles During the driving process, the relative movement of the front and rear car bodies is adjusted by the two-section crawler transporter according to the terrain conditions, but the driving speed of the front and rear cars is required to maintain a high coordination. Rotating around the pitch axis can achieve better contact between the crawler and the ground, which can generate a large adhesion force and improve the passing capacity of the crawler. Rotating around the steering shaft, the tracked vehicle can turn in a small radius, consumes less energy and has good maneuverability. When rotating around the turning axis, the front and rear vehicles can be rotated around the turning axis, so that the front and rear body tracks can maintain good contact with the ground, so as to meet the requirements of articulated double-section crawler conveyor vehicles running in harsh environments .