What are the functional classifications of crawler transport vehicles?


I believe everyone is familiar with crawler transport v […]

I believe everyone is familiar with crawler transport vehicles. It mainly includes crawler walking devices, underframes, lifting cylinders, lifting platforms, diesel engine systems, electrical control systems, hydraulic systems, cabs and other components.Rubber tracks series are currently extremely commonly used special vehicles. In different usage scenarios, crawler-type transport vehicles will also have different functional classifications.

1. Take a crawler transport vehicle
There are also dozens of models of this type of crawler transport vehicle, with low ground pressure, and can drive on paddy fields, slopes, wet ground, forests and other roads. This series also has a crawler transport vehicle with hydraulic lifting brackets, which can lift the box and then tilt and unload the goods for easy stacking. In addition, the crawler transport vehicle can be used to transform it into a fertilizer spreader or a rice harvester site.

2. Hand-held crawler transport vehicle
At present, the production volume of hand-held crawler transport vehicles is not large and the varieties are few. It is mainly used for short-distance transportation of feed, fertilizer, fruits, flowers and food boxes, etc. It is more mobile and flexible, convenient and practical.

3. Forestry crawler truck
The crawler truck is mainly used for loading and unloading and transporting wood in forest areas, and can travel on poor roads and slopes. In order to load and unload trees, the truck is equipped with a hoist and boom. The windlass drags the trees to the side of the vehicle through the wire rope, and then uses the boom to lift the trees onto the platform of the vehicle.

4. Crawler transport vehicle for orchard
The crawler-type transport vehicle dedicated to the orchard is mainly used for high platform operations in the orchard and the greenhouse. Through the hydraulic oil cylinder and the support work surface is raised, people can perform pruning, fruit picking and boxing work on it.

5. Crawler transport vehicles for agricultural engineering
The crawler transporter is a large-scale crawler transporter, which is mainly used for farmland construction, water conservancy projects and loading and unloading and transportation operations on construction sites.