What are the main classifications of crawler transport vehicles?


Crawler-type transport vehicles are popular due to thei […]

Crawler-type transport vehicles are popular due to their many advantages, because they are more suitable for various complex terrains, suitable for working in various working environments, and easy to use. At the same time, the crawler transport vehicle can also be customized according to the different requirements of users, which can meet the various needs of users, so it has achieved a good response in the market.The walking mechanism of the crawler transporter has the advantages of small ground pressure and strong passing performance, and is widely used in rice combine harvesters. At present, the walking mechanism of crawler transport vehicles is mainly divided into the following categories:
1) Mechanical stepped transmission traveling system
Although the system is mature, the vibration and shock are relatively large, and the operation and maneuverability of the crawler transport vehicle are poor.
2) Hydraulic mechanical dual power flow differential steering mechanism
The crawler-type transporter of this mechanism can continuously adjust the speed, and has a multi-speed gearbox, which Rubber Tracks can improve the mobility and work efficiency of the crawler-type transporter; but the domestic research and application are mainly for military crawler vehicles, and the civilian Around the light tracked transport vehicle.
3) Hydrostatic transmission travel system
The system is convenient to operate and flexible in layout, and can realize stepless speed regulation of crawler transport vehicles; the disadvantage is that it is expensive and difficult to achieve large speed ratio changes.

4) Integral hydraulic transmission + mechanical stepped transmission steering mechanism
The integral hydraulic transmission device has a compact structure and is easy to realize the direction change and stepless speed change of the crawler transporter. The speed change range and transmission efficiency are improved through the use of a mechanical stepped gearbox, and the high and low speed of the crawler transporter can be quickly changed. Improve the transportation efficiency and reduce the operation intensity; but the power loss is large, and the instantaneous pressure impact generated during the rapid reversing can easily damage the internal components. It is necessary to add a reversing pause time, which requires a higher operator operation.