What are the main functions of the lawn mower?


1 Appointment timing mowing: It can be set to be cut on […]

1 Appointment timing mowing: It can be set to be cut on any day or several days in 7 days a week, and the appointment time can be adjusted arbitrarily within 00-24 hours (but the appointment start time should be earlier than the appointment stop time). The machine will automatically go out to cut grass at the scheduled start time, stop the cut at the scheduled stop time, and automatically return to the charging center.

2Automatic charging function If the battery is low during the mowing process, the mowing motor will be automatically turned off and returned to the charging center for charging.

3 Automatic rain avoidance function The machine has a built-in rain detection sensor. After detecting rain, the machine will automatically return to the charging center to avoid rain. Unless the next appointment time comes or manual operation, otherwise the machine will no longer work.




4 Remote control function In order to make the machine more convenient to use, we provide a remote control function for the machine, which allows the user to switch the mowing mode and control the machine's mowing direction, making the machine more user-friendly.

5 Automatic barrier deceleration The machine has a built-in infrared sensor detection system. When the front encounters an obstacle, it will automatically slow down and walk, so that the machine can avoid impact.

6 Alarm when the inclination angle exceeds 30 degrees When the four inclination angles of the machine are greater than 30 degrees (30 ± 10 degrees), the machine stops after 2 seconds and starts to alarm, the display will show "ERROR 5".