What are the main parts of a car?


Automobiles generally consist of four basic parts: engi […]

Automobiles generally consist of four basic parts: engine, chassis, body and electrical equipment.
I. Car Engine: The engine is the power unit of a car. It consists of 2 major mechanisms and 5 major systems: crank-crank mechanism; gas distribution mechanism; fuel supply system; cooling system; lubrication system; ignition system; starting system.
1. Cooling system: Generally composed of water tank, water pump, radiator, fan, thermostat, water temperature meter and water discharge switch. Automobile engines use two cooling methods, namely air cooling and water cooling. Generally, automobile engines use water cooling.
2. Lubrication system: The engine lubrication system is composed of oil pump, filter, oil filter, oil passage, pressure limiting valve, oil meter, pressure sensor and oil dipstick.
3. Fuel system: Gasoline engine fuel system consists of gasoline tank, gasoline meter, gasoline pipe, gasoline filter, gasoline pump, carburetor, air filter, intake and exhaust manifold, etc.
2. Chassis of the car: The role of the chassis is to support and install the car engine and its various components and assemblies to form the overall shape of the car, and to receive the power of the engine to make the car move and ensure normal driving. The chassis consists of four parts: the drive train, the drive train, the steering train and the brake train.
1. Drive train: The power from the car engine is transmitted to the driving wheels by the drive train. The drive train has functions such as deceleration, speed change, reverse, interruption of power, inter-wheel differential and inter-axle differential. Working with the engine, it can ensure the normal driving of the car under various working conditions, and has good power and Economical. It is mainly composed of clutch, transmission, universal joint, drive shaft and drive axle.
Clutch: Its role is to make the power of the engine smoothly engage or temporarily disengage the transmission, so that the driver can start, stop, and shift the car.
Transmission: Consisting of transmission case, transmission cover, first shaft, second shaft, intermediate shaft, reverse shaft, gear, bearing, operating mechanism and other components, it is used for car speed change and variable output torque. / z & K1 w w $ L