what are the precautions for the start of a seated crawler vehicle


Small-sized crawler trucks_The ride-on crawler trucks c […]

Small-sized crawler trucks_The ride-on crawler trucks can adapt to complex and harsh road conditions such as rice fields, swamps, muddy field roads, rugged mountain roads, soft grass and deserts, slippery ice and snow, and can be transported in agriculture, forestry, orchards. It is widely used in cargo yard loading, water conservancy construction, infrastructure projects, and mining sites. Drivers of car-mounted crawler vehicles need to undergo professional training, pass the assessment of the security production supervision department, obtain a special operation license, and obtain the company's approval before driving. transport vehicles Unlicensed operation is strictly prohibited. Driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited, smoking, eating, drinking, chatting, talking on the phone or talking on the walkie-talkie while driving. Standardize the operation of the car-mounted crawler, and drive smoothly. Every operator of the car-mounted crawler should know the operating requirements.

Precautions for the start of small crawler trucks:

1. Before starting a car-mounted crawler, check the appearance, observe the surroundings, and confirm that there are no obstacles that hinder normal driving, check whether the lights and horn signals are complete and useful, honk the horn first, and then start;

2. Before starting, check the starting, running and braking protection performance of the car-mounted crawler, and pay attention to check whether fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water are needed. For vehicles with hydraulic (air) braking, the brake hydraulic (air) gauge must meet the requirements before it can start;

3. When the car-mounted crawler starts with a load, the driver should first confirm that the load is stable and reliable. The start needs to start slowly and steadily;

4. Check whether the pressure and temperature are normal during the operation of the car-mounted crawler;

5. The external leakage should be checked and the seal should be replaced in time after the car-mounted crawler is running.