What is the height of the buggy?


There is no uniform standard for the length, width and […]

There is no uniform standard for the length, width and height of off-road vehicles: there are three kinds of heights: those exceeding 1.7 meters, those below 1.85 meters and those exceeding 1.9 meters. The length is more than 5 meters, there are nearly 4.8 meters, there are nearly 4.9 meters, there are more than 4.9 meters less than 5 meters, there are three kinds of width: more than 2 meters, close to 2 meters, and less than 1.9 meters.
The main features of the off-road vehicle are the non-load-bearing body, four-wheel drive, a higher chassis, better grip tires, higher exhaust pipes, greater horsepower, and a thick and sturdy bumper. Off-road vehicles can not only adapt to various road conditions in the wild, but also give a rough and bold feeling. In the city, many people like to drive off-road vehicles.

Off-road vehicles are members of a large military vehicle family, and most of them have certain off-road driving capabilities. In other words, these cars can drive on poor quality roads or areas and battlefields that have no roads at all. Later, in order to meet the needs of combat, a military vehicle with stronger off-road capabilities appeared. Military off-road vehicle.




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There are three brethren in off-road vehicles, and their full load capacity varies. Large load-carrying capacity is called heavy off-road vehicles; small load-carrying capacity is called light off-road vehicles; and those that are between light and heavy are called medium-sized off-road vehicles. Full drive, in order that one wheel slips in the mud, and the other wheels can still drive the car out of the predicament, otherwise it will have to wait for someone to come to e799bee5baa6e4b893e5b19e31333365656630 and drag.

At the earliest development of the car, it became an extremely luxurious, symbolic item. With the continuous progress of society, the car has gradually become a means of transportation and transportation, which has derived a variety of cars for different purposes. And, from the point of view of its function, the finer and finer, one of them evolved is the off-road jeep. Its birth undoubtedly produced unlimited contributions.
After the end of the Second World War, General Eisenhower said: The United States won the war by means of three tools, jeep, landing craft, and Dakota transport aircraft. The jeep has a simple structure, strong and versatile. It can travel on various terrains and can complete strange tasks. The earliest jeep was designed specifically for war. The maneuverability is greatly improved and it has made great contributions to the war.

The Jeep's lines are square, without any accessories that have nothing to do with performance. In the design and manufacturing process, only solid and practical, simple processing, and low cost are considered. It seems to have nothing to do with artwork. In fact, this is a prejudice. The Jeep's appearance, whether it is travel, handling, traction, comfort, luxury, luxury, and beautiful appearance, is not its essence. The soul of the jeep is to be able to take you to as many places as possible. In the New York Museum of Modern Art, there are a total of 8 cars displayed as artworks. The most prominent place is an American military jeep during World War II.