What is the principle of tracked carrier steering


As we all know, the crawler walking of the tank is like […]

As we all know, the crawler walking of the tank is like laying an infinitely extended track for the tank, so that it can smoothly, quickly and safely pass through various complex road conditions. Due to the large grounding area, the tank is increased on soft tracked carrier and muddy roads. The passing ability reduces the amount of sag. Because the track shoes have patterns and can be installed with thorns, they can firmly grasp the ground on the roads such as rain, snow, ice or uphill without slipping.
The track is a flexible link driven by the driving wheel, surrounding the driving wheel, the load wheel, the induction wheel and the support belt wheel. The track is composed of track shoes and track pins.


The track pins connect the track shoes to form a track link. There are holes at both ends of the track shoe, which are meshed with the driving wheel, and there are induced teeth in the middle to regulate the track and prevent the track from falling off when the tank turns or rolls. There is a reinforced anti-skid rib on the side that contacts the ground To improve the firmness of the track shoe and the adhesion of the track to the ground

The best-selling self-unloading chain crawler and small agricultural four are not like the crawler transporter. The grounding pressure is an important policy for the function of the crawler transport body. It only applies to crawlers with small load wheels, small treads and long pitches. The short-pitch track and large load wheels are not applicable. Because the pressure value has changed significantly within the track ground length, the concept of the average dead body pressure applied to all load wheels is proposed to solve it. Baker was the proposition and layman of the ground mechanics, and since then people have conducted a comprehensive study of the system of ground mechanics. With the aging research of multi-system dynamics theory and the continuous development of computer science and technology, numerical simulation is gradually widely used in the research of crawler transportation vehicles. Through numerical simulation, one can guess the function of the crawler transportation vehicle system and its role Compare ambitions. In the last century, the United States first used numerical simulation methods to carry out dynamic simulation studies on the functions of tanks.