What is the reason for the insufficient engine power of the ATV


What is the reason for the insufficient engine power of […]

What is the reason for the insufficient engine power of the ATV

I believe anyone who has driven ATVs knows that the core of this kind of car is the engine. Because the quality of an engine directly determines the driver's driving experience. However, some people have recently reported that their ATVs have insufficient power. transport vehicles So what is the reason? In fact, the main points are the following.

1. The oil circuit is blocked

The lack of power of the ATV’s engine is probably due to the blockage of the oil circuit, but it is not completely blocked. The driver can check the switch of the fuel tank to see if the fuel filter is blocked.

2. The air filter is blocked

If the air filter is blocked, it will also affect the use, so the air filter should be cleaned regularly to keep the air intake smooth.

3. The choke door is not fully opened

Many novices often overlook the choke when driving an ATV. After the engine is started, the choke should be fully opened.

4. Use low-quality fuel

Some people are eager to be cheap, and the fuel they add to the ATV is degraded or has a lot of impurities. Using these fuels for a long time will cause the engine to be scrapped. The initial manifestation is that the engine power is insufficient. Therefore, you must not be greedy for immediate benefits and cause you to lose a lot of money, so you must go to a regular gas station to refuel.

The reason for the lack of power of the ATV engine is probably due to these. If you can’t find it out by yourself, you can contact the online customer service or the manufacturer’s technicians for their help. If you don’t repair it, don’t repair it, so as not to be careful. To the vehicle.