What is the reason why the ATV can't be on the road


What is the reason why the ATV can't be on the road In […]

What is the reason why the ATV can't be on the road
In recent years, ATVs have been popularized very quickly in China, especially in rural areas and small and medium-sized cities in China. ATVs are widely used. In addition to public welfare purposes such as fire fighting and rescue, civilian 8X8 ATV vehicles are also a very large group.800-1
There have been news in some cities that ATVs were inspected and punished by traffic police on the roads, and the media also vigorously exaggerated the issue that ATVs could not be on the road. In fact, there is no domestic regulation that prohibits ATVs from driving on the road. The law enforcement basis for traffic police to manage ATVs is mainly to investigate and deal with them on the road without a license in accordance with the regulations on the management of ordinary motor vehicles.

ATV is a good means of transportation in remote areas, and it is safe to drive on non-motorized lanes
Therefore, the main reason that ATVs cannot be used on the road is that they do not have a license plate. If there is a regular motor vehicle license plate, the ATV can be driven on the road.

At present, there are large regional differences in the licensing problems of ATVs in China. Some areas have listed them as four-wheeled vehicles, some are listed as electric vehicles, there are vehicles with disabilities, and even motorcycles. But because there is no National regulations apply, so listed ATVs can only be effective locally. After crossing regions, they need to obey the local management methods, change their license plates or not be allowed on the road.