What is the significance of using rubber tracked vehicles?


  Rubber tracked vehicles have been used in walkin […]


Rubber tracked vehicles have been used in walking devices as early as the last century, so what is the significance of using rubber tracked vehicles? Let's talk about it below.

The Rubber Tracks itself is a very complex mechanical system. Its distinctive feature is the use of rubber tracked driving devices in the action part. The rubber track is another major breakthrough after the invention of the wheel. The rubber tracked device improves the vehicle from the traditional "line" range of activities. The "surface" range of activities ensures the field driving ability, obstacle crossing ability and maneuverability of rubber tracked vehicles in a complex and changeable environment. With the continuous improvement of modern rubber-tracked vehicles' requirements for maneuverability, the phenomenon of rake teeth and wheel disengagement occurs from time to time when the vehicle is driving on slopes, soft corners and other harsh conditions, which makes the vehicle lose its maneuverability and fall into a "paralyzed" state. , Which directly affects the passing of vehicles and combat missions.

The general trend of the development of modern military rubber tracked vehicles is to reduce the power consumption of the vehicle and to improve the stability of the rubber track on the chain link to prevent the rubber track from raking and falling off. This is not only the guarantee for improving the mobility of the vehicle, but also the smoothness of the vehicle and the comfort of the occupants. Therefore, the research on the dynamics of the rubber tracked vehicle action system has important practical significance.