Which complex terrain is suitable for all-terrain crawler trucks


Not only used in engineering, but also can be transport […]

Not only used in engineering, but also can be transported in muddy rice fields. It does not get stuck in vehicles, improves transportation efficiency, and has no ruts, which avoids excessively deep ruts, resulting in reduced rice fields, and saves manpower and material resources required for transportation. Quickly not restricted by road conditions.

The all-terrain transporter transports sand, stone, steel and wood, and transports crops and fertilizers in farmland. This crawler transporter is very suitable for the use of this crawler transporter, which reduces the time of manual transportation, improves transportation efficiency, reduces labor intensity, and greatly shortens working time. Whether it’s ordinary roads or mountain roads with harsh environments, this is very suitable for transporting goods. tracked carrier Like in the rainy season, when the road is muddy, it is difficult for ordinary car motion sickness to walk safely, and the climbing ability is limited, so we don’t use this machine at all. Worrying about these problems, it is equipped with professional engineering tracks, which has better climbing ability and grip ability, and can turn on the spot. Even if the space is narrow, the road with sharp curves can be easily turned.

No matter which model of Shandong Xiaotui's transport truck is, it can complete self-unloading, eliminating the tedious work of manual unloading and bringing convenience to the unloading work. You may want to ask how this machine completes self-unloading. It is a machine. This car is equipped with a lifting cylinder under the carriage, which can raise the carriage and then tilt the unloading. It is very convenient, has good anti-sag performance, increased adhesion, flexible mobility, and is suitable for walking in rice fields.

With this machine, you will ignore all kinds of terrain and make heavy transportation work easy and stress-free. It is needed for muddy roads and slippery ground. The clean lines and exquisite design of the vehicle bring great work to the work. High efficiency, are you still worrying about transportation? Come on, take a look at this car, tank-type chassis, there is no unreachable place, thickened engineering track, built-in steel wire, steel plate to make the track more grip Strong and longer life.