which components does the robot walking track system include


The robot walking track system is the robot walking tra […]

The robot walking track system is the robot walking track system, which mainly includes the following components:

1. Robot track base

The track base of Kubic's seventh axis body is welded robot tracks by high-strength section steel and high-quality steel plate, which guarantees its accuracy to the greatest extent and effectively avoids deformation and vibration.

2. Equipped with integrated roller rack rail

Using the walking heavy-duty roller guide rack to transfer between the workpieces, the running speed is fast, the effective load is large, and the robot's range of motion is effectively expanded, making the system highly efficient. It can be spliced according to needs, and has the characteristics of integral molding, high precision, large load capacity, and resistance to deformation.

3. Servo motor control

The servo motor drives the rack and pinion through a precision planetary reducer, which is automatically controlled and can be reprogrammed. All movements are run according to the program.

4. Safety and protective devices

Software limit; travel switch limit; anti-collision devices installed at both ends of the seventh axis; track foundation protection: organ cover protection, sheet metal semi-enclosed, fully enclosed protection: enhanced drag chain to protect the connection of robots, control cabinets, etc. Cable.

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